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Monalisa Johnson, Founder & CEO Sierra Communications, LLC

From humble beginnings, obtaining her GED, too presently, owning a Fortune 100 production and event marketing company, Sierra Communications, LLC. Monalisa Johnson has proven herself as an accomplished business woman and visionary. As a “double minority” starting an audio and video production company in the 90’s when women had no prominent place in production, Ms. Johnson advocates on many platforms for the inclusion of women in production, not just as “assistants” but in major roles such as: producers, directors, videographers, editors, etc.

Monalisa formed Sierra Communications in 1993, a full service audio/video production house, and a cutting edge relationship retention, and loyalty marketing consulting company. Sierra’s multimedia productions is dedicated to creating compelling, creative, informative and entertaining trans media programming for broadcast and corporate radio and television. Sierra Communications has successfully accomplished turning pixels in profit, by creating innovative advertising campaigns.

Sierra Productions slogan is “We’re Raising the Standards”, and Mona certainly reflects that in her leadership and personal achievements, as the First Diversity Vendor for Scripps Network (HGTV, FOOD, TRAVEL & DIY Networks) and the completion of her first project: DIY/HGTV “RUN MY MAKEOVER” casted and filmed in Atlanta. As a licensed and ordained minister, Mona’s ministry is exhibited through her faith based productions. As one who overcame Hurricane Katrina not only surviving, but running businesses that attained Fortune 100 status in 2010.

Mona’s heart for the community is realized through philanthropic efforts with serving the homeless, feeding the hungry and as a youth spiritual mentor. She assisted Atlanta Urban League Board of Directors and is a member of the National Urban League. As an advocate for underserved communities and people, Mrs. Johnson causes are fair housing, education, health care and employment. She has accomplished much all the while raising her daughter Sierra, marriage and three step children.

Sierra’s niche is multicultural production that introduces the urban and Latino experience. To their credit they have been designated as one of the top facilities in the country for producing and recording urban and faith based advertising. Lead by its CEO, Sierra has provided quality audio/video production services to clients throughout the United States, Jamaica and London. With an award winning team led by Executive Producer, Monalisa Wilson-Johnson, and Sierra Communications offers a combined 30 years of experience.




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