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3D Environment

Sierra Premiere Animation believes that only constant investment in the highest-quality software and the most advanced technology allows the production of highly detailed and realistic animated environments. Sierra Premeire Animation replaces conventional rendering methods in favor of more up-to-date computer animation techniques. Our creative and technical teams are thus able to effectively create the most life-like visual effects. For example, they use the latest particle system techniques to simulate natural effects such as: fire, explosions, smoke, flowing water, sparks, falling leaves, clouds, fog, snow, dust, meteor tails, or abstract visual effects like glowing trails, magic spells, etc.

Good 3D animators are the most highly sought-after artist in the world of 3D. There's a reason for this: good animation is hard. Which is not to say that animation is hard to learn, but rather that making animation that is believable and entertaining requires a lot of skill and practice.

Keyframing is essentially changing the shape, position, spacing, or timing of an object in successive frames, with major changes to the object being the key frames. In traditional 2D animation, each frame is usually drawn by hand. When frames are shown in succession, as in a movie, the slight differences in each frame of animation create the illusion of motion. 3D software packages make keyframe animation easier by interpolating, or "tweening," the in-between frames. When animating a falling ball, for example, one key frame might be of the ball in mid-air, the next key frame may be the ball touching the ground, and the key frame after that would be the ball squishing down as the impact deforms its shape. All of the in-between frames are then calculated by the software automatically, including the squish at the bottom, making actual process of animation a matter of creating a few great key frames.

Our Animators have a keen understanding of motion, movement, and acting. It may surprise you that the best animators take acting lessons - this helps them understand how their own body moves, and makes it easier to transfer that understanding into believable animation. Keen observation may be the most important skill our Animators have developed. Observing life around them, and how things move. Making sketches, taking notes, and trying to give meaning to what you observe. We understand how poses and movement create moods and nonverbally communicate messages. We understand that a skilled animator can very well be the most important team member to a production.




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